Customer Service, Payment, and Login for the Ulta Credit Card

The most important information you need to access your Ulta Mastercard or store credit card online, make payments, and contact customer service for additional assistance is provided below. Comenity Capital Bank is the bank that gives Ulta credit cards, and Co ity is the person you’ll talk to if you want to make a payment or get help from customer service. (Customer Service Payment Login for the Ulta Credit Card)

Access to online accounts

Log in here to make payments and manage your account. (When you click through to get the correct login, you’ll have to choose between the Ulta Mastercard and the store card.) (Customer Service Payment Login for the Ulta Credit Card)

Phone Support and Help for Customers

• To contact Ulta Mastercard, dial 1-866-271-2680.

• The phone number for the Ulta store-only credit card is 1-866-254-9971.

Address for Credit Card Payment

Comenity Capital Bank – Ultamate Rewards Credit Card

PO Box 650964

Dallas TX 75265-0964

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